Why do we need Empathetic AI?

We believe the world will be a better place if machines could learn to understand us better. To make this possible, we need to endow our technologies with an empathy module - a software system that can extract emotional cues from human speech, text, tone, and behavior to understand high-level communication features such as humor, sarcasm and intent in order to guide its responses accordingly.


Empathetic AI is enabling a world of applications that were not possible before


Reduce danger on the road

Detect stress levels from drivers’ facial expressions and encourage them to take a break when stressed, tired, or sleepy


Find the right movie for everyone

Identify people in the room and analyze their moods through facial detection to suggest great movies to watch together


Communicate with customers better

Detect personality, emotions, and openness of customers to guide customer service and direct sales employees, increasing customer satisfaction and sales


Sense indirect intentions

For example, empathetic AI can understand that a user asking information about common cold, diabetes or any other medical condition is feeling unwell, and as such can proactively recommend a nearby doctor


Help with stress and depression

Understand people's emotional states and guide them to do stress relieving exercises or proactively suggest therapeutic music to help them go through bad feelings


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